Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quick Picks

I'll have more to post later but the snow calls for a shovel so it probably won't be tonight.

Sane Mom mentioned in the comments the post by Lisa Belkin "Seeing All Men as Predators". I read that when it came out because Lenore Skenazy mentioned it in her blog "Free Range Kids" (listed on the side bar). She has a lot of good information (and a book) about raising your kids in today's society without fear. My kids were pretty free-range. They walked to/from school, rode bikes to friends, went to the park and played. And they weren't kidnapped, molested, or harmed in any way (well, scratch that. My eldest has scars from falling off her bike 2 blocks from home and walking home, knee bleeding profusely, crying. But she made it home, with the bike, and in the house before I knew anything had happened).

I just got a list of items that per the Health Insurance Act, should be covered by insurance. Unfortunately, I left it in the office. Sorry! I'll review it later.

Speaking of insurance, I would be happy to write a post on how to make friends and influence the people at your health insurance provider if people would like to read it. (Yes, I DO work for the dark side of the force, why do you ask?)

Last on the agenda: a discussion about breast is best or bottle is better. I have my reasons for wording it that way, which I will explain in the post.

Comments and post suggestions are welcome. And if you have something you want to post for feedback, let me know and I'll happily add you as a contributor.

Edit: I turned off the sign in feature so those who want to post comments don't have to sign in. Capcha will remain off for now because I really don't like capchas, but if the spam gets back one or the other will be set up. I'll ask for opinions before I do that though.


  1. I totally plan on having a free-range kid. There's not much ranging a 1-year old can do though! Thank goodness, because man does he find trouble!

    Today is his 1-year appointment, and I am totally pro-vaccine, but holy crap that is a long list of shots for the one year appointment. I actually did debate all now vs some now and some at 15 months. I think that would lead to a grand total of more miserable baby though (which is my only concern!) so we'll just have super-sad baby today. Along with a grouchy sick husband, should be fun for me.

    I'd love a post on influencing people at the health insurance provider! I know plenty of people who could use that info.

    I had a random unrelated thought about how really negative birth experiences at the hands of *bad* OBs might be the reason some moms flee SB medicine. I'm not talking about 'there were no candles and they turned my music off' bad, I'm talking about 'the nurses held me down as I screamed in pain for the doctor to stop the un-consented non-emergency procedure' bad. And/or 'the doctor lied to my face repeatedly and told me XYZ' which is verifiably false. It really breeds mistrust of medical practitioners in general, and then you're faced with giving your baby 7 shots in one visit, and how do you know they are telling you the truth this time? Just a thought.

  2. MI Dawn, where should we put suggestions/ask for topics?

    Right now (and I do mean "right now" - 12:30 pm PST; grownup still awake, kids been in bed a long time) I'd like to hear some thoughts and opinions on some small child sleep issues. One of my sleeps like the dead; the other I'm afraid is going to be sleepwalking any night now.

  3. Alissa,
    here's a thought to carry you through those "7 shots" in one visit: that's seven less diseases to worry about.

    When my older shot turned 4, I was offered the option of saving 2 of 4 injections for the following year, which we did (MMR and Polio at 4; DTaP and Chicken Pox at 5). Now that they've developed more combined injections, we were able to protect my younger child from all of the above in one visit.

    To me, that's a much better deal.

  4. @Chemmomo: Suggestions in the comments are fine. Ah...sleep issues...snoring, sleepwalking (I had one of those..), sleep talking (same child)...not wanting to go to sleep. I'll put that on the discussion list.